Make Money Online

Can You Make Money Online? Yes, may I ask you to please watch this video I made?

Is there really a way to make money online or is it just pie in the sky?

Most make money online schemes are just a waste of time. They give you a tiny piece of what is really required to make money online. It’s the untold story, the missing piece to the puzzle and there are thousands of pieces that might fit.

One of the greatest scam factories is a popular forum on the internet called “The Warrior Forum” (WF).  Take a look by clicking here!

Over a year ago, I was looking for ways to make money. I bought a lot of their scams. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so I usually get my money back. I have been burned a couple of times, but that is just par for the course. You can order every product, get a refund and in effect get all the “How tos” for free.

Is this ethical? Of course not, but many do it and are known as “serial refunders”. I may qualify as one of them.

Is it ethical to rip people off? I don’t think so.

My worse experience on the WF was when I saw an ad that would give me my money back if I didn’t make $5K a month after completing a course in product creation from a scammer named Tristan Bull. If you go to the WF you will see this scammer’s ads all over the WF. He is one of the most blatant crooks you will find on the WF. So beware of Tristan Bull and his ilk. He does not honor his guarantee. That makes him a very shady operator. If you can’t depend on a man keeping his word, then he is not to be trusted and should not be in business.


Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it is. I was just a gullible, naive sucker to fall for his $5k a month ad that guaranteed I would make $5K a month. I got 26 videos that were cobbled together from some of prior garbage. I lost $497 and when I asked for refund he refused my request so I was out $497. He not only refused my request for a refund, he threatened to sue me for $250,000 if I didn’t remove the website I created to tell my story about him. I keep kicking myself for falling for such a scam.

Doing some keyword research, I found that the keyword “ was available so I bought it and put up a number of pages explaining how he refuses to honor his money-back guarantee. When he whined about it, my attorney advised me to remove all references to what happened so I removed all that content. The better part of valor, perhaps or you might claim I whimped out.

For more information click here!

However, I still have the website which I turned into a review website for Bring the

Make Money online?

Make Money online?

There are other coaching scammers on the internet and you must always be on the outlook for them. If they offer you the big dream, e.g., Lamborghini Aventador, Mansions, Private Tropical Islands, pass it by. It is likely just a fool’s paradise, a pie in the sky.

Affiliate Marketing

You make money online the same way you make money offline.  You sell something.  Offline selling usually involves a  physical products and there are ways to sell physical products online, e.g., as an Amazon Associate.  When you don’t have your own product to sell online, then you sell someone else’s product.  One of the best ways to do this is via a company with the funny name of “Clickbank” (Click here for clickbank!


Make Money at Home

Make Money at Home

The majority of products sold by Clickbank are information products, e.g., Secrets of the Millionaire Women, How to Lose Weight, How to MakeMoney in Forex, etc. Some products include software like registry cleaners to speedup your pc. Even plans for building chicken coops or sheds. There are thousands of products available for sale and they range from $7 to several hundred dollars. Clickbank pays every 2 weeks.

You can make money with Clickbank;  many online marketers do.  It’s called affiliate marketing.

When you sell a clickbank product, you are entitled to a commission on the sale of that product just like in offline commission sales. The commissions can run up to 75% of the purchase price, e.g. if the sales price is $47 and the commission is 75%, then you earn $35.25. Affiliate marketing is just one of the ways to make money on the internet. Clickbank is one of the best ways to make money and it can all be done online.

Earning Money on the Internet with No Investment

Some will tell you that you can make money with no money. That might be more true offline. But it is almost possible online. You need five things to be make money online:

  1. A computer connected to the Internet
  2. A registered domain name
  3. A hosting account
  4. An autoresponder
  5. A website

The recommended domain name extensions are dot com [.com], dot net[.net], and dot org [.org].  Free domain services cannot supply you with these extensions.  I don’t recommend free domains but if you are just beginning it is one way to make money online. Here are some free domain services:


Just click the above URLs and check them out.

Now for free hosting; just click on the blue phrases below:

  1. Helio Host
  2. You Hosting
  3. Servers Free
  4. Traffic Wave
  5. 10 Hosting

We need a computer hooked up to the Internet. For a free one try your local library. Otherwise, you will need to do it on your PC at home and that would require some cash for a computer and a hookup to the Internet. But either way, you would be able to make money online right now.

Next, we need a way to create a website for free.

One of the most popular is from google. Its called blogger. Just click here for blogger.

Google loves a free website creator called WordPress. I do all my websites in WordPress. Click here for WordPress. It’s one of the best ways to make money on the Internet. It has lots of plugins that are used to make your WordPress website more powerful.

There are many other free website creators on the Internet. Many of them work off of secondary domain names which is not ideal. Below is a list of some of the free website creators:

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Web Starts
  4. Web Node
  5. IM Creator


Let’s assume you now have a website on the Internet. Surprise!  You are not done. This is just the first phase to make money online. You now must send some traffic to your website so they can see what you are offering for sale. It makes sense to say that if nobody visits your website, you will never be able to sell anything. No traffic means that you are invisible to Internet users. The way to get traffic is to be recognized by the search engines. The biggest and baddest search engine is Google. There are two other search engines. One is Bing created by Microsoft. The other search engine you should be concerned about is Yahoo! that belongs to Yahoo!

There are two ways to get traffic: organic and paid.

I will cover paid traffic first.

Paid traffic can be bought from Google Adwords. It is called Pay-Per_Click (PPC). It is based on keywords. Keywords that you believe a visitor would use to access your website. You can also buy PPC from Bing and Yahoo. It is an auction where you bid on keywords. Some are inexpensive and cost less than a dollar. Others like for insurance websites can go as high as $50 a click. You first do some keyword analysis and come up with relevant keywords. Then you create a text advertisement that will be put into the search network. These are the advertisements you see on the right hand side of a search page. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, it costs the owner of the ad money; cash is deducted from the credit card used to fund the Adwords campaign. Adwords is not for the faint of heart.

Organic traffic is also called search engine optimization (SEO). You try to make the content in your website stand out by being unique. What Google is looking for is content (articles) on your website that is relevant to the theme of your website. It also looks at how often your website is updated with fresh content.

The is on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO pertains to what you can do on your website to garner natural or organic traffic. This is a pretty big list but here are a few of the important ones:

  • Add your website to Google Webmaster tools
  • Add a sitemap
  • META and HTML tags
  • Alternative tags in images
  • Header tags (h1, h2, h3)
  • Use a few bold, Italisized, and underlined words or phrases
  • Use keywords in the correct context
  • Keyword density between 5% and 7%

Off page SEO consists mainly of getting outside links to your websites known as link juice.  Some elements of link building are:

  • Incoming and reciprocal links
  • Keywords in the anchor text of incoming links
  • Links within your website
  • Buy a blog instead of a link to increase link juice
  • Buying text links is not approved by Google

Google Panda and Penguin Updates

During 2011 and 2012 Google made significant changes to its search algorithm.  This algorithm is used by the search software robots (bots) to index every page of every website on the planet.  These changes were known and the Panda and Penguin updates to the Google search algorithm.


The Panda update wants relevant unique content on websites.  It does not look favorably on websites that contain duplicate or similar content that is also on other websites.  It also wants to see that you are updating your content on a regular basis and that you have the proper copyright notice with a current date.


The is something known as “Black Hat Techniques”.  Penguin is on the lookout for any technique that violates its WebmasterGuidelines.  Black hat techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • links SPAM
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden Text

Using any of these tactics will get you banned from Google.

Of course you will find all sorts or offers on the Internet like “101 Way to Make Money with your PC”, but I did not find them very interesting or workable. And even “Online jobs”, but I don’t want a job. I want to make money from home, but not necessarily in my underwear as some pundits put it.

So there you have it; how to make money on the Internet. You have received the bare minimum, but it is enough to get your started. Good Luck! If you have any questions on ways to make money online, please ask them in the comment section below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

I am ready for my Lambo!  LOL!

End of Make Money Online

End of Make Money Online

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